Weyburn Rotary Club donating to local organizations

The Weyburn Rotary Club (shown in a group photo just before COVID) will make donations to local organizations which applied for assistance during the COVID pandemic.

The club, along with many other non-profit groups, have faced difficulties raising funds due to the public health restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.

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The Rotary Club had some funds available in their budget that could be disbursed to non-profit groups, and after considering applications for funding, decided on the following donations.

Inclusion Weyburn will receive $1,500, while the Weyburn Golf Club and the Weyburn branch of the Royal Canadian Legion will each receive $750.

Envision Counselling will get a donation of $1,000, and the Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park will receive $500 towards their playground.

The Weyburn branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association will receive $500 in addition to a $1,000 already provided.

The Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop will receive a $500 donation, including towards buying a new meat slicer.

Rotary had earlier made a donation of $1,000 to the Weyburn Group Homes Society, and are supplementing that with an additional $500.