Weyburn Rotary proposes pavilion for club centennial

A model design for the “Legacy Pavilion” for the Weyburn Rotary Club was unveiled to club members at their luncheon meeting on Thursday, by member Bob King.

He enlisted the talents of Bob Satre to design the pavilion and build a model of the structure, and explained there have been suggestions for both the design and location, but no final decisions on either have been made yet.

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King has spoken to the president of the Weyburn Young Fellows Club about possibly partnering on the project, as the Young Fellows will be celebrating their own centennial in Weyburn in two years’ time.

He has also held discussions with Weyburn’s city manager Mathew Warren about possible locations, with one possibility being the central hub of Jubilee Park. The proposed pavilion would take up the circular spot in the park with a span of 36 feet.

The location would be a good one as it will be near to the new Legacy Park Elementary School and Weyburn Recreation and Culture Centre which are under construction at the current time. Both facilities are slated to open by September of 2021.

From the discussions with city officials, said King, the pavilion could be used for outdoor classes from the school or from the arts program, as well as for such occasions as gatherings or birthdays.

There is no cost set yet for the pavilion, but an estimate (based on the design) was set at around $100,000, said King, but added until the design and size has been finalized, they don’t know what the cost could be.

In doing research on what other Rotary Clubs have done, King pointed out that a Rotary Park or other similar public facility is very commonly found in many places around the world, and a number of clubs have used such fundraising avenues as gofundme pages to help pay for such projects.

There are executive members looking into the possibilities of grants that the club could apply for also, added King.

“We’re looking for ideas and suggestions, on the design or the location,” said King, noting another possibly location could be behind the tennis/pickleball courts near the Leisure Centre. Some members didn’t like the latter location due to the low traffic of people to that area.

The club members voted in favour of looking into the feasibility of such a proposal, and members will investigate what ideas there are for funding, design and possible locations.