Weyburn Scout fishes during camp at Nickle Lake park

Weyburn Scout member Mathew Soles tried his luck fishing from the dock at Nickle Lake Regional Park on Saturday, during a campout by the older members of the Weyburn 5th Scouts over the weekend.

The Weyburn troop are hoping to have an all-ages campout at the South Weyburn School (now the headquarters of the Weyburn Wildlife Federation) this coming weekend, from Friday, Sept. 27 to Sunday, Sept. 29.

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The original plan had been to have all ages this past weekend, but with busy schedules and wet weather, it didn’t work out, and only the Scouts and Venturers were able to do the camping, along with some of the leaders.

Leaders are still needed for the Scouts group, and they will be holding a fundraiser bottle drive on Saturday, Oct. 19. This will help fund their activities, such as camping and going out to learn the skills for their badges.