Weyburn Students of the Month named for September

The staff of the Weyburn Comprehensive School have chosen the following as students of the month for September, and the subjects they excelled in.

They are: Bridget Alexander, pre calc 10; Onello Bahingawan, pre calc 30, entrepreneurship 30; Austin Borschowa, French 9; Brett Bowler, ELA A 30; Quin Buckingham, Workplace and Apprenticeship Math 10; Risa Burdan, AP ELA 20, Business and Social Tech. 20.

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Also on the list were Natalie Butz, French 8; Seth Deis, ELA B10; Seth Diede, Physics 30; Jessica Dixon, Psychology 30; Jaylynn Driedger, Math 8; Tassy Gerle, Wellness 10; Kate Goranson, Accounting 20; Jarret Hayward, French 7; Talena Hibbard, Wellness 10; George Hoffman, Math 9; Amanda Kaip,  Clothing , Textiles and Fashion 10; Jamie Labbie, ELA A 10 Pre AP, Accounting 10; Chanel Lanz, ELA A 10; Whitney Lanz-McIntyre, Social Studies 7; Mizzi Macute, Social Studies 7; Julianna Mariano, PAA 9.

Other students on the list included Alex Martindale, Biology 30; Nevaeh Mellon, Social Studies; Dali Mlilo, ELA A10; Keely O’Neill, Foundations 20; Abby Phair, Accounting 30; Jenaya Sabourin, Math 21; Blake Setrum, Social Studies 7; Arliss Sidloski, Physics 30; Dominic Soles, Biology 30; Braxton Stinson, Social Studies 7; Ocean Tonn, Workplace and Apprenticeship Math 10; and Keegan Woodard, Workplace and Apprenticeship Math 20.