Weyburn well represented at Junior Achievement Nationals

As part of their Entrepreneurship class at Weyburn Comprehensive High School this year, Taylor Cameron, Lorynn Labbie and Landon Field had to work with their classmates to create a product selling business. Their group came up with King Street Fudge and they did so well that they were chosen to represent Saskatchewan at the National Junior Achievement Summit in Calgary Alberta this past week. Since Cameron acted as President and Labbie and Field acted as Co-Presidents during the companies run time in the school year, they were selected to represent the company.
They spent five days listening to keynote speakers, networking and competing against companies from across the country. King Street Fudge was narrowed down into the Top 12 and impressively made their way through the Top 6 into the Top 3. Ultimately they did not win, but they did earn Top 3 status.
Along with their new status, the group also walked away with the award for Best Shareholders Report. The group also competed in the Case Competition where they won a first place medal for their efforts.

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