Weyburn Window Walks

Weyburn Special Events is doing their part to help keep the community happy and healthy during this self-isolation period by encouraging the public to go out for walks and do interactive activites to win prizes from them. Every day they have a new challenge posted on the Facebook page for people to participate in all from the comfort of their own home or neighbourhood. Below is a list of the upcoming challenges they have from Tuesday-Sunday this week. Go to the Weyburn Special Events Facebook page for more information.

March 24th - ANIMAL WINDOW WALK  - Children's sorting game donated by The Void

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March 25th - INDOOR SCAVENGER HUNT- 5 Swim passes courtesy of the Weyburn Swimming Pool


March 26th - ENCOURAGING WORDS - Post encouraging words inner window or draw on your sidewalk!  Prize - $25 gift certificate from the Weyburn Legion 


March 27th - SCAVENGER HUNT FOR MOMS!  List to be provided day of!  Secret gift package courtesy of Ronalee Larson of Weyburn 


March 28th - CHALK WALK - Let's colour ALL the sidewalks with beautiful art and encouraging messages! 


March 29th - NATIONAL MOM & POP BUSINESS OWNERS DAY - Shout out to all the AMAZING businesses in our city!  This day will be all about giving shout outs to our locally owned stores that you can’t wait to start supporting again! Prize- Purse donated by The Void