Wild thunderstorm causes damages in Weyburn area

Homeowners, fire fighters, SaskPower and City of Weyburn crews were all busy late on Friday evening on into Saturday cleaning up damages from a heavy thunderstorm late Friday.

With intense lightning, strong winds with gusts up to 110 km an hour and heavy rain, many trees were heavily damaged in Weyburn, particularly on the South Hill with broken branches throughout the city.

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One homeowner, Natosha Hala, had a tree split and fall on her house on Fourth Street South, but an initial inspection looked like there wasn’t much damage to the house. A tree had also split nearby at the T.C. Douglas Centre, but the building didn't appear to be damaged.

 A block over, lightning destroyed a tree, and nearby a large tree fell over, taking out a good portion of a fence, and around the two-block radius there was a lot of fence and tree damage. City and fire personnel came by and helped clean up some of the trees on the street or across driveways.

There was a report of a camper trailer that had flipped over and was flipped over again right-side up, with damage along the front side, and a few trailers were knocked over at Minard’s Leisure World.

The power was also out on South Hill and for a large section of the city east of the downtown area. SaskPower crews were out busily getting the power back on in a number areas of the city.