Women of the Year nominees

The Women of the Year luncheon was supposed to be held on April 8, when the winners were going to be announced. However, due to the current state we are in the luncheon had to be postponed. As the committee continues to look for a way to move forwards with the awards, they have released a list of the nominees in each category along with who they were nominated by.


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Weyburn Credit Union Workplace Excellence Award


This award will be presented to a woman who supports the diverse needs of the workplace.  She is a role model in best workplace practices by implementing/influencing innovative initiatives, being progressive to employee needs, supporting the advancement and success of others, fostering professional development and mentorship, supporting community initiatives and/or promoting healthy lifestyles.  She is committed to excellence, creates and inspires a positive work environment.


1. Joanne Fraser nominated by Norma Hewitt-Lendrum/SAMA staff


2. Dawn Gutzke nominated by Lianne Cretin/Family Place Board of Directors


M.Isabelle Butters Quota International of Weyburn Community Service Award


This award will be presented to a woman who, as an unpaid volunteer, mentors and inspires others through involvement in community programs and organizations.  She has shown her dedication to enrich her community, educate, alleviate social inequities and strengthen volunteer participation, by creating, participating in or adapting programs to meet community needs and is recognized as a source of strength, leadership and heart in her community.



1. Linda Aitken nominated by Jan Linell, Maureen Clay & Pat May                                 


2. Lianne Cretin nominated by Sheryl Ehman & Donna Berling                           


3. Sandra LaRose nominated by Andrea Bell


4. Bonnitta Whitrow nominated by Karli Loos   


5. Jackie Wilson nominated by Marie Campbell/ Inclusion Board Members                     



Access Communications Exceptional Entrepreneur Award


This award will be presented to a woman who has successfully launched a business, product or service and who remains active in the business. She possesses exceptional leadership, creativity and ingenuity and has taken an innovative approach to solving a problem, filling a need or breaking into a new market. 



1. Holly Adamache/Tanya Kwochka nominated by Lynn Kot


2. Tammy Lawrence-Bhimji nominated by Paris Lyon


3. Patty Skjerdal nominated by Scott Paxman

4. Bonnitta Whitrow nominated by Karli Loos




Harbourfront Wealth Management Young Women of Distinction Award


This award will be presented to an exceptional young woman between the ages of 18 and 30 who has made a significant contribution to the life of her community.   She has demonstrated outstanding leadership, has inspired her peers to follow her example, and has shown maturity, perseverance, innovation and compassion.  She has already made her mark and will continue to inspire us for years to come.



1. Kaylee Vanbeselaese  Nominated by Colleen Morrice