Youth Council is an amazing program for local students

Members of the Weyburn Youth Council presented a year-end report to City Council. Youth Council shadows City Council meetings, learning more about municipal affairs.

“The Youth Council is an amazing program that allowed us a lot to learn this year,” said Gregg Wiens, during the presentation. “We have all taken away different experiences and have enjoyed the opportunities that were presented to us.”

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“This year we spent most of our time learning in Zoom meetings, as we were unable to hold any events due to COVID-19 restrictions.”

“One of the highlights of the year was speaking with MLA Dustin Duncan and MP Robert Kitchen,” added Wiens. “We were able to learn about their jobs, daily tasks, as well to why they went into politics. We also learned more about the processes and procedures in the municipal, provincial and federal governments.”

“Youth Council’s main focus in the past year was mental health. We learned a lot about maintaining our own mental health, and how we can help others in the community. We have enjoyed being a voice for the youth in our community.”

“This has been an experience that we will never forget, and we can not express enough gratitude for the help and support that we received.”

In their final remarks, the Youth Council reminded other local students that the applications for the 2021-2022 Youth Council session are now open. The deadline to apply is September 10, and forms can be found on the City of Weyburn website.