City police respond to three-vehicle collision

Weyburn police responded to a three-vehicle collision on Government Road at Souris Avenue on Thursday. The investigation revealed that two southbound vehicles attempted to beat an amber light when a northbound vehicle attempted to turn left onto Souris Avenue, also facing an amber light. There were no injuries.

Weyburn police were called to assist with a possible youth medical issue on March 18. The youth was transported to the Weyburn General Hospital.

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City police received a call regarding an escalating domestic situation on March 19. Once at the residence, one of the subjects acknowledged needing help and was transported to the Weyburn General Hospital for further assessment.

Police received a call regarding an intoxicated male staggering down the street on Wednesday. An adult male was located and was arrested without incident for being intoxicated in a public place and was held in cells until sober.

Weyburn police were dispatched to a local bar where a fight in progress was reported on Wednesday. Prior to the arrival of police, all of the people involved had resolved their issues and left.

City police received a complaint of harassing telephone calls related to a past domestic relationship on Wednesday. Both parties were spoken to and agreed to refrain from calling.

City police responded to a call regarding a family domestic dispute on Thursday. The police were able to mediate the matter without need for further action.

Police received a call regarding a concern that a person may be thinking of harming himself on Thursday. The person went willingly with the police to the hospital for further assessment.