Weyburn police arrest man for making threat

Weyburn police received a report regarding a threat that had been made on Saturday. Initially the police were unable to locate the suspect. The male suspect was later located with the assistance of the RCMP and was arrested without incident. He was remanded in custody and is facing charges for uttering threats. 

• Weyburn police have received a number of reports of minor vehicle collisions in parking lots where the offending vehicle does not stop. The police wish to remind drivers of the law; if you come into contact with a parked vehicle, regardless if you can see damage or not, you are required to make reasonable efforts (i.e leave a note) to contact the other vehicle owner and advise them of the damage.

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Newer vehicles may not show any outward sign of damage, but may actually have significant dollar-value damage when inspected by a trained body shop technician. Failing to leave your contact information can result in an offence under the Traffic Safety Act.

• The Weyburn Police Service continues to investigate the theft of a white mini-van stolen from the Weyburn Leisure Centre on Oct. 15. Surveillance video has been circulate through social media asking anyone having knowledge of the people in the video to contact the police as they may be persons of interest in this case. A number of tips have come in through social media and the police are following up each tip.

• City police received a report of mischief having been done at a business on Oct. 15. Police were able to view the store surveillance video and identify the responsible person. The matter was informally dealt with.

• Weyburn police responded to a report of a vehicle-pedestrian collision where a pedestrian was struck and knocked to the ground on Oct. 15 at the corner of Second Street and Coteau Avenue. The driver of the vehicle was charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian. The pedestrian was transported by EMS to the Weyburn General Hospital with what appeared to be minor injuries.

• City police responded to a complaint regarding a vehicle having been egged on Oct. 16. Police wish to remind residents that the throwing of eggs at a vehicle or house constitutes a criminal offence of mischief. Anyone found responsible for such acts may be subject to criminal charges and paying for any damage caused by the eggs.

• Weyburn police received a report of a dog having been attacked by other dogs who were off-leash on Wednesday. The dog was not injured. Police reminds dog owners that under the bylaw dogs must be leashed at all times when in the public. When things like this happen it can be extremely upsetting to the victim dog owner, as any pet owner can understand. If a dog is injured requiring medical treatment, the owner of the offending dog, in addition to any bylaw charges that may be laid, can be responsible for those medical costs.

• City police received a complaint regarding threats having been made against a person on Wednesday. The matter was investigated and as a result a female was arrested and has been charged with uttering threats and will be making a court appearance.

Weyburn police received a complaint asking for a wellbeing check to be conducted on an individual on Thursday. The person was subsequently located.

• City police received a report from a local cab company regarding a customer refusing to pay the fare on Friday. The matter was mediated. Police advise taxi patrons that refusing to pay a fare can be considered fraud and is a criminal offence. 

• The Weyburn police, while dealing with a related issue, came across an individual that was subject to court-ordered conditions on Saturday. The male was arrested without incident and has been charged with breaching those conditions and will be making a future court appearance.

• City police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on Saturday, and as a result a male driver was arrested and has been charged with driving over .08. His licence was indefinitely suspended and the vehicle was impounded.

• The Weyburn police also received the following scam calls over the past week; one call asked for credit card information, one related to the Canada Revenue Agency, and one related to the STARS lottery.

• In the first five days of marijuana legalization, the Weyburn Police Service have not laid any charges nor have they had any enforcement issues to deal with. Staff have responded to a few calls for information, but all-in-all it has been uneventful so far.