Weyburn police deal with several collisions

City police responded to a two-vehicle collision at the Coteau Avenue and Eighth Street intersection on Friday. One driver had a minor injury and was treated by EMS. One driver was issued a traffic ticket for entering an intersection before it was safe to do so.

City police responded to a report of a two-vehicle collision on Thursday. The investigation revealed that one vehicle made a left turn across the oncoming traffic lane but due to a larger vehicle obstructing the view failed to see the oncoming vehicle resulting in the collision. The offending driver was issued a traffic ticket for failing to yield to approaching vehicle. There were no injuries reported.

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City police received a call regarding a multi-vehicle collision at a business parking lot. Investigation revealed that the driver of the offending vehicle parked the vehicle but neglected to place the vehicle in park. This resulted in the vehicle moving forward causing the damage. 

Police received a call regarding a minor vehicle collision on Feb. 11. As is required by law the drivers were instructed to exchange pertinent information with each other. One of the drivers left the scene prior to being able to exchange information resulting in the police being contacted. While at first glance this may have seemed to be a case of a driver leaving the scene to avoid responsibility, police found that the driver who left the scene was fearful for their safety because of the actions of another person at the scene.

The police wish to remind people that while they are legally required to exchange names, if there is any concern at all over personal safety due to heightened emotions, the best course of action would be to call the police and explain that concern and have the police attend.

Weyburn police is investigating a report of theft of fuel from a parked vehicle on Saturday. The theft occurred between February 14 and 14 while the vehicle was parked in the parking lot on Ninth Avenue South. Anyone seeing anything strange during that time is asked to contact the Weyburn Police Service, or to call Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Weyburn police received a request to assist Weyburn EMS with a potential suicidal patient on Feb. 11. Assistance was provided without further incident.

City police received a request from Weyburn EMS to assist them at a possible overdose call on Wednesday. Assistance was provided without further incident.

Weyburn police received a call from the hospital about a patient who had left without medical approval on Thursday. The police were able to locate the person and convince them to return to the hospital.

The Weyburn police are investigating a report of an employee theft from a local business on Thursday. The matter is ongoing.

Police received a report of a vehicle idling for an extended period of time on Thursday. The police wish to remind people that provisions in the Noise Bylaw restrict the idling of vehicles to 20 minutes total in a three-hour period. 

Weyburn police received a report of a minor family domestic dispute on Monday. Police attended and were able to successfully mediate the matter without need for further involvement.