Weyburn police investigate thefts, mischief

City police received a report of a cell phone stolen out of a parked vehicle which had been left unlocked on Oct. 29. The investigation is ongoing. Police again would like to remind residents to remove all valuables and to make sure that they are locking their vehicles at all times when parked.

• Weyburn police received a complaint of mischief on Oct. 30, after the complainant reported that screws had been put into three tires causing them to be ruined. The investigation is ongoing.

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• City police received a report of a break-and-enter of a garage on Oct. 30. The investigation is ongoing.

• Weyburn police received a report of an attempted fraud of a large amount of money on Oct. 31. The investigation revealed that the suspect was from out of province, and the RCMP have been requested to assist. The matter remains under investigation.

• Members of the Weyburn Police Service were called to a local business for a report of a suspicious male on Oct. 31. A male was located and arrested for theft. It was also determined the individual was breaching his release conditions from Regina Police Service.  The man was charged accordingly, later being released from custody with a court date in the future.

• Members of the Weyburn Police Service conducted a traffic stop in the early morning hours on Oct. 29 and a male driver was found to be breaching his curfew conditions. He was arrested and charged accordingly.

• Police received a complaint of a hit and run on Thursday, after a vehicle rear-ended another vehicle, then quickly accelerated leaving the scene of the accident.  A plate number of suspect vehicle was obtained and investigation is ongoing with charges pending.

• City police received a complaint of bullying and harassment between two adults on Thursday, and the investigation is ongoing.  Police want to remind people that in addition to criminal harassment charges, there is a bullying bylaw in Weyburn and a fine of $500 may be laid against the offending person.

• Police were called to a domestic between family members at a residence on the south side of the city on Friday. Police mediated the situation without charges and one family member left the residence for the night.

• The Weyburn Police responded to a two-vehicle accident at the corner of First Avenue and Government Road on Saturday, after one vehicle went through the red light striking another vehicle. Both vehicles needed to be towed from the scene, though no injuries were reported. The driver of the vehicle that went through the red light was issued a ticket for disobeying a red light.

• Police had numerous hit-and-runs reported to them the previous week. If anyone witnesses such an incident, they should try to get a description and license plate number of the offending vehicle and notify police.

• The Weyburn Police Service also extended a thank you to the Free Methodist Church and the Salvation Army for attending to the Police Service and assisting in helping a person in need.

If you or anyone you know has information about a crime, the Weyburn Police Service urges you to contact Crime Stoppers by phoning 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or call the Weyburn Police Service at 306-848-3250.