Weyburn police provide info about possessing marijuana

The legalization of marijuana takes effect today, Oct. 17, and the Weyburn Police Service have provided some information about the use and possession of the drug.

While this will be a steep learning curve for all involved, including the police, lawyers and courts, city police want to emphasize that insofar as daily activities go if you treat the possession of marijuana like the possession of alcohol, you will be fairly safe. That means you cannot possess or smoke marijuana in a public place, you can not possess or smoke marijuana in a vehicle, other than to transport it from one place of lawful purchase (store) to another place of lawful possession or consumption (i.e., your house).

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You also cannot possess in public more than 30 grams of dried marijuana (or equivalent of other marijuana derivatives), and youth cannot possess marijuana in any amount (under provincial law). You cannot sell marijuana to anyone unless you are an authorized dealer (i.e., store, online sales). Please contact your local police agency if you have specific questions.

And regardless of the legality surrounding possession of marijuana, you cannot drive a motor vehicle while impaired by any drug. To combat drug driving, police across the province and the country are enhancing their ability to detect drug impairment by training more police officers in Standard Field Sobriety testing (SFST) and in Drug Evaluation (DRE). Penalties for being convicted of drug-impaired driving are identical to those of alcohol impairment.

• City police received a call regarding the possibility of a school brawl about to happen in the Elks Park on Thursday. Upon attending a large group of youth were found preparing to fight. The matter was defused without incident and the school was advised.

• The Weyburn PS CTSS Unit conducted a traffic stop on 16th Street for a speeding violation on Saturday. The vehicle had been observed on radar travelling at 102 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. As a result of the stop, the male driver was arrested for impaired driving and is now facing a criminal charge of driving over .08. His licence was suspended indefinitely and the vehicle was impounded.

• Weyburn police received a report of someone using social media to utter threats on Saturday. The matter is still under investigation. 

• Weyburn police responded to a 9-1-1 call of an assault on Oct. 9. Upon speaking to the caller, it was determined that the matter may have happened earlier at a local pub. The matter is still under investigation.

• Weyburn police received a call regarding some unruly patrons at a local business on Friday. Upon attending the people were identified and were taken to their residence. There was no damage at the business. Alcohol was a contributing factor.

• Police received a report regarding the ongoing welfare of a young person on Friday. The matter is currently under investigation.

• The Weyburn Police Service received five scam calls over the past week; one for the STARS lottery, one related to a virus on a computer, and three related to alleged pornography on a computer and having to pay to have it removed.

• The Weyburn police also issued two traffic tickets in relation to vehicles ignoring school bus loading arms and lights. Police wish to remind motorists that the school division has installed cameras on city buses, which makes it relatively easy to identify violators. Passing a school bus while the stop arm/lights are in operation is an offence under the Traffic Safety Act and is a very dangerous practice.