Trenna Keating chosen for 2019 Walk of Fame

Coun. Dick Michel said the City’s Walk of Fame committee has chosen the 2019 recipient of the honour to be actress Trenna Keating, who was born and raised in Weyburn and lives and works as an actress in Toronto. The plaque for the Walk of Fame will be unveiled in front of City Hall during the annual Show and Shine to be held on Saturday, June 15.

Coun. Michel noted the criteria is very strict about who can or cannot be eligible for the Walk of Fame, as it includes that they have made accomplishments on the national or international stage, “so people on the wall are deserving to be there.”

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Keating has acted on a number of TV series, including “Combat Hospital”, “Anne With an E” and as Doc Yewll on the science-fiction series “Defiance”, along with other productions.