A unique feature of Weyburn

My Nikkel's Worth column

If you were among the teeming crowds on Saturday at the annual show-and-shine hosted by the Weyburn Car Club, you may have taken in the induction ceremony in front of City Hall for the City’s Walk of Fame.
This is a neat little feature that is fairly unique, in that it publicly displays tributes to people from this community who have made their mark in some way on the national or international stage.
The latest inductee to be honoured was actress Trenna Keating, who has done extensive acting work on stage, television and in film.
During the introduction of the ceremony by Coun. Dick Michel, he admitted that the criteria for this honour is stringent, but for a very good reason. If the wall was to honour just the most well-known people who have worked and lived here, there would need to be a whole lot more space than has been allotted at the front of City Hall.
But for this public display, the city committee and council decided that it should have a particular focus, namely to recognize those who came from here and have gone on to make their mark at the national level, or even the international level.
Trenna Keating was certainly a worthwhile addition to the Walk of Fame, as she has been in numerous productions, and continues to be active, which was why she wasn’t able to be present for the ceremony. According to her “much older and much wiser sister”, Tara, she is busily filming her role as Josie Pye’s mother in the latest version of Anne of Green Gables, “Anne with an E”.
Some of those honoured in the past have ranged from the “Greatest Canadian”, Tommy Douglas, and novelist W.O. Mitchell to NHL hockey player Dave “Tiger” Williams and Art Mainil, who was known nationally in his day for actively promoting the right of farmers to market their grain.
There have been some remarkable talents come from this community, and there are yet more names that could (and should) be added to the Walk of Fame in coming years.
Just one example off the top of my head is a certain little lady who’s making her mark as a singer … but I won’t say anymore about that, as hopefully somebody will know who I’m talking about and make her nomination. There is also a golfer who did well on the PGA Tour for a little while …
Anyway, the point is, there have been and continue to be some truly remarkable people who made their start right here in Weyburn, and possibly there are people who saw the car show and the induction ceremony who may well go on to make their own mark nationally in the future.

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