Anything is possible, even in Saskatchewan

The message on Tuesday evening was clear: you can do anything from Saskatchewan, and it will make an impact on the country and on the world.
This was part of the message from the Facebook duo of Justin and Greg (Justin Reves and Greg Moore) of Regina, who have made a name for themselves by producing videos that promote Saskatchewan through the various platforms of social media.
They made a presentation to the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce, and while their humourous take on Saskatchewan might not seem to fit with the Chamber and their aim to promote business in the community, their message was quite relevant.
As their videos show, they are fearless in taking on people or topics that have national or internation interest, and through social media. Many outlets around the world have picked up on some of their topics, such as the battle of Mac the Moose, the iconic statue for the city of Moose Jaw, with a new silvery moose in Norway.
They also took on late night TV talk show host Jimmy Fallon, responding to a segment where he made fun of Regina. They have been trying to connect with him and get him to come to the Queen City, a project that is still in the works.
The pair also adopted the Las Vegas Knights as Saskatchewan’s NHL team, and have developed a rapport with that team that has proved fortuitous as they made it to the Stanley Cup finals a year ago.
In all of these instances, they pointed out they are just two dads from Regina who make videos from the basement of one of their homes, and are reaching audiences all over Canada, North America and the world.
The message is, you can do it too, as in, business owners based here in Saskatchewan, or even out of one’s own home. With a positive attitude, and a some risk-taking, you never know what you might be able to do or who you might be able to reach way outside of this city or even this province.
One of their humourous videos, called “Rural Uber”, showing the pair getting a ride on a Massey-Ferguson tractor, has been seen by close to 11 million people around the world.
There are new ways of doing things that can supplement the tried-and-true ways of business and commerce.
If someone has an initiative or a venture they think might work, or or might be a good extension of a current business, try it out and you might be surprised at who and where that idea might spread to.
This is, after all, part of the function of the Chamber, to advocate for businesses, and to promote them (and this city) to the wider world.

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