Canadians need their leaders to lead

Weyburn Review editorial

It is a sad indictment on our society when people take advantage of a major tragedy or national issue to use it for their own ends.

We see this in the U.S. where criminals are taking advantage of protests over racism to burn down stores and loot them, because the police are all focussed on the protests which have grown violent and out of control.

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We also see this in relation to COVID-19, where virtually every aspect of life is impacted, from politics and health to education and business, and everything in between.

It is particularly unconscionable for politicians to take advantage of the pandemic, especially when it is their government who are putting in place the very restrictions that are depriving everyone of their freedoms and their ability to make a living and survive.

The restrictions are required in order to keep some kind of control over how a contagious and deadly virus can spread — but this does not give a government the right to run roughshod over the democratic process.

The federal Liberals are certainly guilty of this crime, as they are limiting Parliamentary sittings far beyond what is reasonable or necessary to put through their own agenda.

Parliament should be in session, because Canada is facing a historic crisis of health and finances as she has never experienced before, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of that, a crisis has emerged about how some seniors in long-term care are being neglected and not cared for in some facilities like they need to be, particularly during a health care crisis like a pandemic.

One commentator, Rex Murphy, has described this action as an abdication of duty by the Liberals, and he points out, one person is not the government. The daily press briefing by Justin Trudeau in front of his house is not a replacement for the House of Commons.

There are ways to set up a Parliamentary sitting so that it takes into account physical distancing and the other precautions necessary to prevent anyone infecting other people. There is no excuse for not allowing Parliament to be in session to deal with this unprecedented crisis facing our country.

Our elected officials in Ottawa and Regina, and in the other provincial capitals, all have a duty to represent our interests, the interests of all Canadians, and to make decisions that will benefit the greater good of all society.

An example of Liberals being self-serving is the firearms legislation they have pushed through that will harm lawful gun owners and will not have any impact whatsoever on criminals who want a gun.

 If they are not helping us during a crisis, what good are they serving? Or whose good are they serving? We need our leaders to lead, and help us through this crisis.