Common sense would help …

My Nikkel’s Worth column

Most times, rules are set down for a reason, such as in a game or for school children, or for society at large.

Depending on what the rules are for, they help to regulate behaviour, stop people from cheating or causing unnecessary problems, or to level out a playing field between opponents.

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So would most people agree, that rules ought to be make sense in some way? You may not agree with them, or be inclined to obey them, but even then a person could grudgingly accept that they are for the greater good, for the most part.

Thus it’s interesting to see or hear about some of the rules around this COVID-19 thing that has impacted everyone’s lives this year, and in some cases ruined people’s lives and businesses.

It makes sense, mostly, to physically distant when possible, to use hand sanitizer, and to have masks for when physical distancing is not possible — but that doesn’t explain some of the stupid rules that have been put in place.

For those who know the comedy series, “Big Bang Theory”, the rules have a distinctive “Sheldon” vibe about them — and that’s not a compliment, rule-makers.

Take for example a rule regarding fishing. Due to the very nature of fishing, with the use of fishing poles and casting a lure out, etc., there is physical distancing built into the activity.

So, explain how in any way it makes sense to allow fishing from shore, but not from a dock, which has limited space to begin with? You can only get a couple or three people on a dock, depending on its size, plus the bonus feature: you’re outdoors, with Saskatchewan breezes carrying away anything that floats in the air.

In another example, Scouts are not allowed to have overnight camping, or to meet indoors.

This is stupidity with a capital ‘S’, and guess what? It is not going to curb the spread of COVID. Camping has been allowed since June, and indoor activities are also allowed, by following the rules of distancing, etc.

One more example: in a set of rules for new moms, one line said the mom should keep six feet away from their newborn baby. I don’t have to say how really bad, unhealthy and just plain stupid that rule is, do I?

This is the kind of ridiculous rule-making and inconsistency that drives people nuts and leads to breaking of said rules, because they do not make sense, and they do not keep people safe.