Don't mess with the music

Christmas music is one of my favourite parts of the holiday, and the variety of songs and styles are part of what makes this music special.
We only get to hear the music at this time of year, and while some songs are annoying and get over-played in stores and elsewhere, for the most part Christmas music is a big part of the holiday, partly because many of the songs can be sung along with.
What is not needed, or appreciated, is political correctness entering the picture and ruining things for everyone.
It’s bad enough the fascism of political correctness intrudes on people’s beliefs to the extent that people call it “holiday music” or say “season’s greetings” instead of “Merry Christmas”, and disallows public displays of the Nativity scene.
The latest in P.C. stupidity is the uproar over the 1940s classic song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, as people become offended at phrases and references from a different era, and try to claim it’s an example of inappropriate behaviour on a man’s part.
Viewed in a myopic way in today’s #metoo environment, without any real understanding whatsoever about the song, it’s being made out to be something sinister when it clearly isn’t meant that way. What’s truly shameful are radio stations who bow to this political correctness and pull the song from their Christmas playlists. In my view, any radio station that does this should be deeply ashamed of themselves for kowtowing to this ridiculous over-reaction.
This song happens to be one of the all-time favourite Christmas songs of my youngest daughter, and as a young woman, you may be assured if there were any actual problems with it, she would not like it and would not accept it.
Why aren’t people all up in arms about “Santa Baby”, or how about references to bullying in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”?
When you start getting over-excited and over-reacting in regard to a classic Christmas song, where will it ever stop?
Don’t ruin one of the best and most enjoyable aspects of this holiday; just listen to the music and enjoy it.
In a slightly different vein, a Catholic church has offended people in a new way, by putting up a Nativity scene that shows Joseph (wearing a man-bun, if you can believe it) doing a selfie of himself with Mary and the baby Jesus, with the Magi arriving with presents on those scooter things.
In a way, this is kind of a humourous way of considering how the scene might look in today’s context, but really, I don’t think Joseph and Mary would be that shallow as to do selfies, except to proclaim it on Facebook or Instagram.

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