EDITORIAL: Vandalism is pure disrespect

Respect is defined as "a deferential esteem felt towards a person, place or thing".

In Weyburn, where is the respect?

A person or persons who have absolutely no concept of esteem or deference for anyone or anyone's property has shown repeatedly their complete and utter disregard, even contempt, for this city and her residents, and now has brought deep shame to this city by defacing the bronze statue of the late Tommy Douglas that had been gifted to the city by world-renowned sculptor Lea Vivot.

What possible purpose could there be in defacing a statue meant to honour this man, who is considered by many as the "Greatest Canadian" ever, and was (among many other things) the father of our medicare system, for which we are known throughout the world?

A person without any common sense, or scruples or moral decency, would commit such a senseless and disrespectful act; in short, they are losers, of the worst kind.

The damage and vandalism to the Tommy Douglas statue is not the first time this community has been shamed and disrespected; recently, a person or persons (seemingly without a conscience of any kind) vandalized a number of city churches and a sign for Weyburn Pro-Life; there have been tags and vandalism to a number of other buildings and properties, including the centre of Jubilee Park, and perhaps most shamefully of all, the statue on the city's cenotaph, honouring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.

What kind of person, or more accurately, what kind of loser would so disrespect these symbols of what is right and good in this world: the cenotaph, churches, and Tommy Douglas. What wrong have any of these done? These all were and are in place to give honour and respect for what is good and right and positive in this world, and for their efforts to make this world a better place. Is that now all of a sudden a bad thing in the minds of these uncultured, conscience-less losers that they should show such utter contempt?

Sculptor Lea Vivot said she hopes the person who damaged the statue of Tommy Douglas will at least have remorse for what they did; she would be happy with that.

The community at large would like to see some sign of remorse too, and some respect; barring that, this person or persons should just leave this community, and let us live in peace.

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