Everyone loves a parade

My Nikkel’s Worth column

We’re just past the halfway point of the year 2020, and already people are talking about what a nightmare year this has been in many respects.

This year has been marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has thrown everything upside down and sideways, and I doubt there is any person alive who has not been impacted by it in some way.

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Add to that other fun facts like, say, the huge explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, or wildfires in California, or the appearance of great white sharks off Canada’s East Coast, not to mention “murder hornets” in Washington and B.C. … well, you get the picture.

Still, people are resilient, especially here in Saskatchewan, and I have to admire those who have made the attempt to salvage whatever they can to try and achieve some sense of normalcy in what is decidedly not a normal year.

Take some of our minor sports, for example. They had the spring season stolen from them, but this summer, organizations like Weyburn Minor Ball, Minor Soccer and the Weyburn Lacrosse Association have all provided opportunities for kids to come out and be involved with their sports.

For the most part, they get to do practices and scrimmages, but there have been some games for ball teams, limited to teams that are within driving distance (no overnight travels for far-off tournaments or anything).

Golfers have been able to get back out on the golf course, and some “events” have been held (they’re not allowed to call them “tournaments”, if that makes any sense), such as the Crocus Men’s event and the Chamber golf event.

The big thing there is they’re not allowed shotgun starts to avoid having a crowd of golfers gathering in close together afterward.

One of the trends from this year of the COVID are parades. Ironically, the Chamber Fair parade was cancelled, and yet parades have been held (successfully, I would point out) for many, many other occasions.

There have been birthday parades, the WCS grad reverse parade, a baby shower parade, parades for retirements, and this past weekend in Midale, a parade of antique tractors.

In case people were worried about the latter, don’t be — there were only a few family groups out to watch the tractors, and the groups were spaced out down Main Street.

It wasn’t the same as what they usually have in the summer, but it was enjoyable, and it was a way to still enjoy an event and stay safe doing it.