Giving is never out of style

My Nikkel’s Worth column

Weyburn has always been a generous and giving community, and residents of the city and surrounding area are quick to get behind any fundraiser event that will help other people.

This past weekend certainly showcased that, as no less than three events held that day all had to do with helping others.

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And really, in the past few months, even though COVID-19 has put a major dampener on what people can do or where they can go, there have been a number of events where people have been able to reach out and help.

The events on Saturday included a gumball rally, put on by the Soo Line Cruisers, with the proceeds going to help Ensley Akins and her battle against cancer for a second round.

She was also recently the beneficiary of an outdoor four-band concert in Weyburn, which was really quite an extraordinary event for the city and was held in a way that respected the COVID guidelines and regulations.

In this case, the car club was able to do a rally where owners of vintage and classic cars and trucks could take part and drive as far as they wished, with the windup held at Mainprize. In the end, Ensley’s dad Shenan was presented with a cheque for $2,045 to help them out.

On the same day the annual Toy Run was held by the Weyburn Independent Riders, with 64 motorcyclists taking part, the most ever.

There was even a contingent who came down from Moose Jaw to take part, and most every rider brought toys and/or cash donations, plus there were many toys donated by non-motorcycle riders as the sleigh was parked outside the Wal-mart store.

As a representative of the Salvation Army said, this may be a very tough Christmas for some families because of COVID, and the economic pressures that has put on many people and many businesses. Thus, the generosity and outpouring of donations of money and toys will be very greatly appreciated by the children who will be receiving them this Christmas.

Lastly, but not leastly, a drive-in movie event was held for the Weyburn Artistic Swimming Club at the fairgrounds, with some 85 vehicles bringing people in to watch two movies, Lion King and Twister.

These events all gave Weyburn and area residents and businesses the opportunity to give and to help out others, and this is great to see. It’s nice to know that the pandemic is not going to defeat us, and generosity is still alive and well.