Keep a positive mindset in a negative situation

There are some incontrovertible facts about the pandemic that we are in, facts we must all deal with in one way or another.

The COVID-19 coronavirus spreads quickly and easily, and in the vulnerable people among us, such as those with underlying health conditions, compromised immune systems, seniors, those who work in the retail and service industries, and frontline health care workers, there are dangers of severe illness should they catch this virus.

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This has led public health officials around the world, and across Canada, to impose restrictions in a bid to try and limit the spread of this virus.

It is also a fact that no one enjoys this, the lack of any events to take in or the inability for friends and families to have get-togethers, to have good healthy games in a variety of sports, or to have concerts that can uplift both the performers and the audiences.

Nobody enjoys always having to wear a mask when in any public indoor space, or to be constantly sanitizing one’s hands and keeping one’s distance from people. None of this is natural and has to be a learned response to the situation we find ourselves in.

Naturally, this causes people to push back and question whether these steps are even necessary, all the time, day after day, week after week, month after month, seemingly without end.

We may question the necessity of all the measures, and indeed some measures are questionable as they are not always consistent or logical – but perhaps what it comes down to is the attitude each one of us brings to this situation.

When we’re in a situation that we can control or have a say in, then it’s up to us to make a change if there’s something going on we don’t like. When something occurs that we have no control over, like the weather, or a virus, then it comes down how we react to it, what attitude we have that determines how we will act or react.

The principle is, our lives are not set by what happens to us, but by the attitude we bring to the situation. We decide if our attitude is going to be a positive or negative one. We should be positive for the sake of the loved ones in our lives, for the sake of friends and family, of our co-workers, and for the sake of the community we live in.

We can only live one day at a time, and make our way through this pandemic situation the best we can. If we project too far into the future about what might happen, it would be too easy to despair or to panic. Choose to be a positive person on this day, to help those who need it, and look out for those who are vulnerable.