Leadership of federal government is badly lacking

Weyburn Review Editorial

Longtime commentator Rex Murphy has termed our current federal Liberal administration as one of the worst governments ever to occupy office in Ottawa.

Murphy’s caustic wit is well-known, of course, and he brought his unique observations to Weyburn a couple of years ago as a speaker at the Weyburn Oil Show.

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Unfortunately, some of the same problems that he railed against at the Oil Show have still not been solved, and in fact the situation for the oil and gas industry is even worse in many ways today.

Murphy’s comments this week aren’t just about that industry, but are about the Liberals’ mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The problem is, of course, that not only have the Liberals badly handled the pandemic, but their lack of any support in any way for our industries (including the energy industry) only compounds that situation.

The whole fiasco around the lack of vaccines is causing a lot of stress and anxiety across the country, and rightly so. The prime minister certainly is not helping anything by refusing to take any responsibility whatsoever for his government’s complete failure, blowing any criticisms off as “noise” as he continues to assert we’ll get all the vaccine doses they’ve been promising.

His brushing off of responsibility came after a week of no new vaccine doses, followed by a delivery that was only a fraction of what Canada was supposed to receive.

The trickle of vaccines Canada has been getting is pathetic compared to most other countries, who were clearly much more on the ball in chasing down vaccines that could be sourced for their citizens.

The Trudeau government has not been forthcoming in supporting domestic sources of vaccine or of PPE equipment, putting our resources (ie., our tax dollars) instead to foreign-based companies who have not been reliable suppliers of masks or vaccines.

There needs to be an administration in place that takes responsibility for what they do, or as in this case, don’t do, and they need to also be diligent about following up and supporting Canadian businesses and industry, and supporting citizens who need assistance.

If Trudeau takes the step of going to a federal election this spring, as has been suggested by several pundits, voters need to remember everything he’s said he will do and has failed to do. He also needs to be held responsible for the sins that any other political party would have been driven out of office for, like the WE scandal as one example.

The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic are significant enough without having a government who really doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing, and doesn’t take responsibility for it.