Let’s do this reopening right, so life can go on

Weyburn Review editorial

Patience and common sense are two commodities that are very much needed at this time, but sadly is sometimes lacking in some quarters.

As we slog through this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is basically in the same boat. Now, however, some restrictions are starting to relax and certain businesses and activities are able to resume again.

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The coming of the pandemic was very much like a tsunami wave, in that the size and strength of it overwhelmed everybody. Nobody could foresee the massive impact this illness would have, with the shutdown of everything, every activity and business and service, except those that were needed for the sustaining of life.

The wave swept over us, and very, very gradually is withdrawing again back out to sea (metaphorically speaking). Now, the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan has begun, and the second phase took effect on Tuesday with certain retailers able to open and activities allowed to resume, such as golfing, fishing and boating.

Still, some people are impatient for life to resume, as spring moves into summer and beautiful weather beckons everyone to go outside and be active again.

The weather is certainly a welcome respite, and people can find a lot of positive strength by being able to go out for a walk, a round of golf or to spend the day fishing — but there is still a need for precautions to be taken.

Most everyone is sick and tired of hearing the messages of COVID-19, like “Stay home, save lives”.

If people will observe the basic precautions, such as frequent washing of hands, staying two metres apart and keeping any gatherings under 10 people, the good progress that has been made so far can continue.

Here in Saskatchewan, the news has been fairly good as the numbers of COVID cases has been kept low — but there is a precautionary tale in what happened in La Loche. The caution is, if people are not still being careful, there could easily be an outbreak or a second wave of COVID-19, and that could be devastating if it results in a lockdown, again.

Businesses, groups, churches, and society in general really needs for a slow return to “normal” life again. It will take a long time for a shut-down economy to wake up and resume activity again — but it’s badly needed.

There has already been a deeply hurtful impact of this pandemic, and we need to start healing from that. The healing won’t happen in a proper way if a second wave rises and washes over all of us again.

We can’t go through all of this a second time. No one wants that, no one needs that. We need a return to life and activity, for the sake of our communities and our lives and our economy. Let’s do this right, so we can get on with our lives.