Make a difference today

My Nikkel's Worth column

You’ve heard it said, I’m sure, “Every little bit helps …”
It’s remarkable, but there are times when just a little bit makes all the difference, whether it’s food, or drink, or a situation of some sort.
For example, you might have a delicious plate of spaghetti with a yummy red tomato sauce and Italian sausage, and you just add a little of Tabasco or other pepper sauce, and that little bit makes all the difference. (At least, it does for me.)
The same with a bowl of tomato soup — add in some cheese, let it melt in the hot red depths, and sprinkle some Tabasco on it, and you’ll taste the difference that little bit makes.
You might be having a hard day at home with the kids, or at work, or in your circle of friends, and a friend might offer a squeeze of the hand, and a smile, to let you know they care about you. That little action can make all the difference.
Recently I attended a gathering of the group, 100 Kids Who Care Weyburn, and they are all about making a difference.
The gathering was hosted by Haig School, and their RAK Pak (which stands for Random Acts of Kindness) helped to organize things for the meeting, and to pack some shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
Even just that little bit of help made a difference to the group who gathered and brought their donations to total $220. They voted on which charity to give the money to, after hearing presentations about them, and the vote was split, so the money was split between the two.
As a result, STARS and the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital will each get half of the funds — and as a result of the generosity and help of the RAK Pak, they matched the funds raised by the children attending, so the total donated was $440, split between the two charities.
This may not sound like a huge amount, compared to some of the huge gifts that each of these groups have received even recently, but see, that little bit could make all the difference to someone’s life.
STARS has certainly helped many people out in extreme emergency situations, and the children’s hospital has also, and will continue to. I know two members of the RAK Pak, sisters named Morgyn and Myla, both love this hospital and even got an advance tour of it before it officially opened.
Their smiling faces are in a display at that hospital, and do you think their comments and smiles will make a difference to someone? You bet it will.
Coming up on Monday, Nov. 11, the Remembrance Day ceremonies will be held, and people will put on a poppy to remember, and to support veterans. Will that little flower matter to anyone? Every little bit makes a difference to someone.

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