National unity is not threatened by premiers

The Prime Minister of Canada has a lot of nerve to stand up and try to sound upset at the Conservative premiers who dared to criticize the crippling and negative legislation his Liberal government wishes to enact, which would gravely hurt the oil and gas industry, among other things.
The six premiers, which included the two premiers (Moe and Kenney) who had just spoken on this very subject in Weyburn at the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show, issued a joint letter at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, decrying the bills which will hamstring the oil industry as an attack on national unity.
In his smugness and hypocrisy, Trudeau had the audacity to stand up and criticize the premiers, saying they’re just upset that they’re not getting their way, and then claiming it is they who are threatening national unity by their claims.
The PM very clearly did not read (or if he read it, did not comprehend) the letter issued by the premiers, because they raised a legitimate concern that he is completely deaf to. Bill C-69 would impose unreasonable conditions on any development (such as of pipelines, which Trudeau has been working against throughout his term in office).
It is far, far beyond not “getting their way”, it goes to the very health and well-being of an industry which is being attacked on all sides as some sort of evil entity for having the temerity to extract crude petroleum for the use of every person in Canada.
The fact that the oil and gas industry in Saskatchewan (and in other Canadian jurisdictions) operates under some of the most stringent environmental standards in the world is never mentioned by the Liberal prime minister or by any of the environmental activists who are being paid to protest against them.
Where are the protests about the dirty oil being produced by countries with low health and work standards and flagrant human rights violations? Guess what? Nobody has ever said a peep about any of these countries who are importing their oil to this country, because Saskatchewan and Alberta’s oil can’t be delivered out of their landlocked positions.
This landlock also forces oil producers hear to take highway robbery low prices for their oil because the U.S. has the monopoly as a customer, thus the huge differential between what oil producers here are paid compared to the price American producers get.
The compound effect of all of this, exacerbated by the fact that pipelines can’t seem to get built here, will impact on national unity, not the premiers who are merely trying to point out this situation to a deaf and blind federal government.
So little Justin really needs to take his ball and sit down, and stop snivelling at the mean premiers who are only pointing out the real situation he is causing.

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