Needs in the community are greater than ever

Weyburn This Week editorial

The COVID-19 pandemic has been impacting the lives of Canadians for over eight months now, and elsewhere in the world for nearly a year, with Round 2 now making its effects felt.

Part of those effects is making life more difficult for many individuals and families in the community, and making fundraising by non-profit organizations and groups both more difficult and the needs more urgent.

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Many fundraiser events that help provide goods, services and programs for the residents of Weyburn and area have had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, and this in turn has an impact on the families who need help.

The Salvation Army is one organization that not only has lost fundraiser events like the Holiday Train visit, but they are seeing an increase of individuals and families who are in need of their programs and services like the food bank.

A trite and vastly over-used phrase during this time is “We’re all in this together”, a phrase that loses any significant meaning the more it’s used. People who are struggling to get through this time are feeling more and more that we really aren’t all in this together — but as a community, we need to be, because the needs are more pressing than ever.

Some fundraisers are still possible, but in a virtual capacity, which may diminish the kind of support they would normally receive — unless, of course, the community steps forward to help out however they can with gifts and donations.

Some examples ongoing right now are the Weyburn Humane Society, which is holding an online auction from Nov. 18 to 21; the Young Fellows Club, also doing an online auction to fundraise for their projects and goals; the Scouts, which is holding a coffee fundraiser and virtual bottle drive; and the Family Place, holding their annual Festival of Trees silent auction and tree auction online.

The Salvation Army will soon be organizing their kettle campaign, but in a greatly-reduced way (again, because of COVID) with cleaning protocols and safety being an important priority. They are in need of volunteers who are willing to don a mask and man a kettle, and are willing to do wipe-downs and keep everything clean and safe.

Considering their services are more in demand than ever and people are feeling the impact of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we support a group like the Salvation Army.

There will be children who may not be able to see any relatives or friends this Christmas time, and if money is tight, they may not have a very merry Christmas morning — so if you are at all able to help, step up and give, of your time or resources.