Rally will not be a one-time event

The foes of the federal carbon tax are not a flash-in-the-pan outfit, content with a one-time show of force and then backing off. They are in it for the long haul, and want to ensure the issue of the carbon tax will not fade or go away, now that the convoy and rally in Regina are over with.
Some people may have thought that was the case with the convoy to Ottawa, and the subsequent protests on Parliament Hill, that this was a one-time publicity stunt of some sort. Not content to sit on their laurels, however, those who took part in that cross-country convoy wanted a made-in-Saskatchewan gathering to continue putting the message out that the carbon tax has to go.
One of those leading the charge against this punitive tax is Weyburn business owner Dale Mainil, who was quite adamant in the days after the Regina rally that the pressure must continue to be applied, and the voice of opposition to the carbon tax must continue to be sounded.
As he pointed out, if one rally isn’t going to have the intended effect, then there will be more, and indeed hinted that there are suggestions of more rallies being held throughout western Canada by different communities.
As this is a federal election year, with voting day to be held in October, this is a prime time to press the issue and ensure the powers-that-be get the message loud and clear, the carbon tax is hurting businesses in every sector in Saskatchewan and throughout the West, and it is not going to help the environment in any way.
In essence, the carbon tax is a cash grab, and people are already paying a heavy price with highly-inflated gasoline and diesel prices, not to mention the price of everything that is transported by air or truck is going to go up because of the higher fuel costs.
How in any way does this benefit the environment? Should we not have as many transport trucks hauling our products to market, and bringing us food and other goods?
Obviously this is not feasible, and the idea that somehow a carbon tax is going to encourage people to drive less is really very impractical. The hurt being passed on is also not going to help anyone, and the environment is not going to get better because of a tax sucking hard-earned dollars from the pockets of taxpayers and consumers.
The upcoming federal election will be about many contentious issues, to be sure, but the carbon tax issue is one that the West can take and run with, and hold the Liberals to account in October.

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