Reader upset with city council and liquor store issue

To the Editor:

After reading the council news in last week’s Weyburn Review, it has caused me to write this letter.

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My conclusion is the City of Weyburn’s future looks not so bright when five of its councillors express the view that this liquor store issue is showing.

My dad had a saying, “It was not what you would say, but rather what you might show that would show one’s real value.”

I think the councillors have shown their value by the results of their vote, when they could ignore the opinions and views of the planning and development coordinator, the residents of the area, the feelings and opinions of three church denominations, a children’s daycare, the zoning bylaws, the second opinion of a former planner (who I understand is retained by the city) and would still march along with this.

Obviously a liquor store was more important to these five councillors than any of the negatives I have mentioned.

After having said that, they say this is for the future and betterment of Weyburn. My conclusion is the future of Weyburn does not look good when those making the decisions have such a mindset, that a liquor store would be more important than the residents surrounding, the churches adjacent, the children’s daycare, the bylaws (of course, these can always be changed to suit).

There are so many reasons that this should not have proceeded, and all I see as a positive is money for a few. A drive around Weyburn would soon show there are many places that would be as suitable for this business to establish, and not this location.

In closing, a big thank you to councillors John Corrigan and Dick Michel for showing real compassion and support to those who are affected, which I feel showed respect for the city of Weyburn and those who reside there.

Murray McCormick, Weyburn