"Rejuvenation Part 2"

Marna's Musings

By Marna McManus

Our bodies have the innate ability to self-heal when given what they require: loving self-discipline and proper digestion.

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I'll admit that I'm the most stubborn person I know, especially when it comes to working against my own self-discipline. I am now doing what needs to be done, though, in the face of my own ego. Everybody's ego would rather have something to complain about than to say no to that which does not benefit the body. Although in our hearts we know what's best. My heart wants to stay here and be clear for a long time, for my family and to honour my purpose.

So, every person has the power of choice. The food choices we make constitute the reality we co-create together, whether our egos like it or not.

Our society is rife with genetic disorders but I contend that they are actually all the result of a grand mimetic disorder. We have accepted untruths about food, like food has no correlation with how we feel or look let alone with health concerns. These memes have created dis-ease, suffering and pandemic fear surrounding germs and other invasive entities that set up shop in our bodies and kill us. Rejuvenation, therefore, depends upon fortifying the body through essential nutrition and effective elimination of a very real microscopic mafia.

Every time I've been sick, it has been because I was unbalanced with eating and I went too long not allowing my body to release naturally. Cleansing is critical in order to fulfill our primal need to be strong and safe.

Cleansing is just what the body does, if given the opportunity. Women have the added bonus of a monthly release, which can be honoured as such with great results. Fat loss and cleansing go hand in hand and in fact you can't have one without the other because toxicity is stored in fat cells.

There are easy ways to aid the body's natural cleansing process, such as drinking plenty of water and fresh juices, dry skin brushing, reducing sodium intake, increasing roughage and so on.

Plenty of herbal products support the eliminatory organs such as the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and skin, but for beginners, these could cause uncomfortable release if the colon is not ready.

All health begins and ends in the colon, according to Dr. Bernard Jensen, author of 'Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management' and a number of other books about rejuvenation. All natural healing experts agree.

Most people carry around an extra five to 25 pounds of impacted fecal matter in their colons, always accompanied by unfriendly parasitic colonies such as Candida albicans, which is yeast. This extra waste can even make people walk funny. In fact, when John Wayne died, he had more than 60 pounds of it in his colon.

The extra waste and yeast (and the waste of the yeast) are the result of improper digestion, which is epidemic within cultures of fast food and square meals lacking living enzymes. When improperly combined, meat putrefies and sugars ferment, causing bloating, gas, over-acidity and worse.

Following the simple practices of proper food combining, according to Donna Gates, author of 'The Body Ecology Diet', helps us avoid the impaction. Meat or fats should never be eaten with starches, fruit should only be eaten alone and on an empty stomach, 80% of what we eat should be alkalizing vegetables and we should stop eating once we are 80% full.

With guidelines like these, the colon can naturally cleanse itself, especially if a person is drinking lots of water and eating roughage. But what could make the biggest difference is adding in enzymes for digestion and probiotics for immune support via colonization of beneficial bacteria.

Unless the diet is comprised of only raw veggies, supplementary digestive enzymes are quite necessary. Not only are they safe for the body, but we usually experience more energy when we take them. Enzymes are workers and in addition to aiding digestion, they also break down impacted fecal matter.

I have a sincere reverence for the Kingdom of friendly bacteria. I agree with molecular biologist Dr. Trudy Wassenaar, "For a Kingdom it is, biologically speaking, and the ancient lineage, diversity and evolutionary power of its inhabitants deserve royal treatment rather than disgust."

In fact, some sources say that friendly bacteria comprise 90% of the immune system. By inhabiting their thrones within our clean colons, they defend against overgrown parasitic colonies, Candida albicans in particular, as well as help clear out the old matter.

An ideal parasite cleanse is to drink hemp protein shakes all day, whenever hungry, as well as enzymes, garlic, oregano or other good anti-viral foods, having a big salad at supper, then taking the friendly bacteria at bedtime.

Interestingly, opening a probiotics capsule into water and waiting half an hour before drinking it increases the viable cells population by ten times. This is economical and beneficial to the body, especially if cleansing is the intention. Consuming large amounts of probiotics can cause great release, but also provides new levels of energy.

If one still needs help getting things going and diet is not enough, enemas or even colon hydrotherapy are usually safe choices and have helped many people achieve greater levels of energy. My husband is a clinical cleansing specialist, so we have a footbath machine that allows the body to use ions for a safe, effective release into water. It is authentically gross.

We've probably heard of every single cleanse out there, but the most important thing we have learned is that we all have different obstacles within our thoughts and habits, which are powerful but not insurmountable.

Each person's approach to rejuvenation is as unique as his fingerprints. We have to accept that it is sometimes uncomfortable to repair damages done in ignorance or self-abuse. Through self-love, we can embrace our responsibility to get better, so we can be here for what really matters: the life we are living!