Society needs a reasonable way to live

Weyburn Review editorial

As we struggle on with the “new reality” of living in a world with COVID-19 as an ongoing presence, that struggle will include discussions about what is reasonable or proper or safe for society.

Clearly this is an area for public health experts to weigh in and share their knowledge and expertise, but to an extent that needs to be offset by what is expected of people and of society in general — and what is reasonable?

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Coming up this fall, there are a number of activities and organizations that are vital to the community, mental health and ongoing survival and existence of society at large: schools, for example, are set to resume in September, and other groups like hockey and school sports, curling leagues, and service organizations are all wondering, can they go back to what they were doing?

Can any of us go back to what we were doing?

There are some attempts to salvage some semblance of normalcy, but even these are far less than what people have normally expected or needed.

For example, for minor organized sports, Weyburn’s minor ball, soccer and lacrosse organizations are all attempting to get kids back outside and active with practices, and sometimes games of some sort.

The Weyburn Public Library has finally reopened this week, but even there it’s at a far less level of service than the public has been used to getting there.

Guidelines are expected out this week for how schools will work come the fall, and hockey leagues from minor hockey up to junior A and major junior hockey are all waiting to find out what kind of season can they have?

Finally, there is the average citizen, who has endured severe lockdowns and job loss or curtailment, and restrictions as to where they can go, what they can do and who they can do it with.

The search is on right now for a vaccine that can help prevent COVID-19, or at the very least, reduce the severe symptoms the virus causes so it’s not such a deadly illness any more. The fact is, it’s likely that we will never find a way to be rid of it — so we have to live with it.

We live with other viruses, like influenza and its many strains, and have vaccines for it. That virus can and does kill those who are vulnerable, not a lot different from what the feared COVID virus is doing.

A two-month-plus lockdown this past spring caused massive disruption that included businesses that have closed and will never open again, jobs have been lost, schools have been closed … in short, there has been devastation across the board. Is it reasonable to think this should continue this fall?

We need a reasonable way to live, work and have our lives, and to cope with the reality of the virus.