Take thought for the vulnerable

My Nikkel's Worth column

You know something serious is going on when my wife says, out loud, that she agrees with Justin Trudeau on something.

Like, really serious.

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You may gather from this that my wife is not really a fan of Justin — that would be putting it mildly.

But on Monday, she listened to Trudeau give his daily national update on the COVID-19 pandemic, and she agreed with him when he said, “Enough is enough. Go home and stay home!”

Her comment was that it’s pretty bad when people actually have to be told this — and it’s true.

Some of the news reports from the weekend showed large crowds of people in parks and on beaches, particularly in places like Vancouver where the beautiful weather was conducive to encouraging people to go outside and enjoy it.

You can’t really blame people for wanting to be outdoors, with the restrictions going on in the last while. Maybe going outside isn’t that big a deal, but joining throngs of crowds should probably be avoided — right?

I had an interview with Janelle Evans (Cornish) and her concerns about how people here in Weyburn are acting. From her point of view, there is a real and imminent danger to her son, Isaiah.

He is four years old, and was born with some medical conditions that have made him very susceptible to colds and other sicknesses.

In February, he spent just over two weeks in the Children’s Hospital with a viral infection, and while he’s okay now, he is highly vulnerable.

With the reported effects of this COVID-19 virus, his lungs would not be able to handle the impact if he were to become infected with the coronavirus.

As Janelle pointed out, most children and youth are strong enough to handle it — but the virus mostly impacts those with an underlying medical condition, such as seniors, diabetics, those with heart conditions and with compromised immune systems.

She spoke of one incident at Wal-Mart where she was looking at items on a shelf, and a stranger just came right in and reached around her to grab something. She doesn’t know him, and doesn’t know if he had just returned from another country carrying COVID-19 or not. A simple encounter like that could be fatal for her little boy — so think about that, next time you’re in a store.