The end of two great series

My Nikkel's Worth column

Two iconic TV series ended in the past week, both of which have huge packs of fans who faithfully followed them throughout their run, and who were all collectively sad as the series ended.
The biggest series finale, which was watched around the world by the millions, was the finale of the Game of Thrones saga.
I have to confess to being a big fan of this series, having read all of the books and watched all of the seasons from the first year onwards.
I won’t reveal any spoilers, although I can understand the urge to talk about all the incredible story twists that everybody online will be talking about.
For people who haven’t watched the final season but still want to, they should avoid any online mention or discussion of what happened, or they will in fact read all the spoilers that will take away the surprise(s) in store for them.
There was a commercial for the series where a woman is seen constantly plugging her ears and going “lalalalala” loudly because she keeps hearing people excitedly discussing what happened in the Game of Thrones. I fully understand why she’s doing that — but I get the other side too, where as a viewer I just saw some amazing scenes involving a dragon, and fire, and lots of characters dying. I won’t say who, or when or why, but trust me, there are lots of twists.
Was I happy with how the series ended? It’s kind of difficult to answer that question without saying or hinting at what happened, but let me just say I kind of liked the end, but was disappointed in how things worked out.
All through the series, you kind of build up hopes for who might win, and lose, and how everything shakes out, but it never goes quite the way you think it should.
I suppose in a way, that’s part of what makes the series so interesting to follow. Now, there will be prequels and spinoffs, with author George R.R. Martin already out with some prequel books that can be turned into a series.
The other series to come to an end was Big Bang Theory, which people either love or hate. (My daughters, for example, couldn’t stand the show, mostly because of the Sheldon character.)
I can understand why some people were put off by Sheldon, but you have to realize two things: one, this is a comedy, and two, it’s fiction, and exaggerated to some extent as a comedy. There was good, funny writing on this show, and they always had fun references to things fellow nerds could relate to, whether it was of science or the latest superhero movie, or of gaming, or of food, or of relationships …
Really, they covered all of these areas and more, and it was a good show while it was on — and now there are the reruns if you want more.

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