Weyburn’s rich arts programs bearing fruit

The arts and culture programs in Weyburn have always been strong, both for the visual and the performing arts, and part of the fruits of that education and emphasis can be seen in people making their mark at the national level.
As one example, there are three young women who are doing just that, and making Weyburn proud: actress Trenna Keating, singer Tenille Arts and pianist Meagan Milatz.
Keating was just honoured this year by the City of Weyburn, as she was this year’s inductee for the Walk of Fame in front of City Hall.
The Toronto-based actress recently visited family in Weyburn and was able to see the plaque installed in her honour, after it was first unveiled during the show-and-shine in June.
She had her start here in Weyburn with Crocus 80 and at the junior and senior high schools, and is now making her mark as an actress in a number of TV and movie productions.
Tenille Arts also got her start here in Weyburn, and is now living and working in Nashville, Tennessee, pursuing her dream of making it big as a singer. She has released songs and an album which have been doing very well for her, plus she’s won a number of SCMA awards, has been seen two years in a row on the ABC-TV show, The Bachelor, and will now be performing at the Grand Ole Opry.
The latter opportunity just came up for her and is the fulfilment of a long-held dream, to go on that revered stage to perform, a long ways from that backyard swing where she played and sang, drawing the attention of a neighbour who thought that she had promise as a singer.
As for Meagan Milatz, her piano teacher Cherith Alexander has known her almost her entire life, and began teaching her at the age of five, instilling much knowledge and coaching over the next 13 years before Meagan went off to McGill University to earn her Master’s degree.
The 26-year-old pianist was just named as one of the “30 hot classical musicians under 30” by CBC Music journalist Robert Rowat, who compiles these lists on an annual basis.
This ranking will do much to elevate Meagan’s status as a classical pianist in Canada, which is great timing for her as she and violinist Amy Hillis (of Regina) will be starting a cross-Canada 50-date tour in mid-September. This tour will be bring the pair to Weyburn on Nov. 29 as part of the Weyburn Concert Series.
The bottom line is, we need to take heart from their examples (and there are many others who are also notable) that arts education and opportunities have tremendous value, and need to continue.

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