Hunter ‘outraged’ about southeast elk hunt

To the Editor:

The Ministry of Environment is issuing 100 Big Game Management licences for antlerless elk in Wildlife Management Zone (WMZ) 33 that will be valid from Feb. 4 to 25, 2019.

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This decision is in response to significant concerns about agricultural damage and will help reduce an overabundant elk population in the region immediately surrounding Moose Mountain Provincial Park. 

This is not really news, except that elk start to reproduce from August to October and are giving birth to the offspring in May, so every cow right now is pregnant with one or two fetuses.

By killing one antlerless cow you are taking two or possibly three elk. That has nothing to do with conservation and management, this is simply unethical killing, a complete wipe-out.

The guy who came out with this plan should resign. I am an avid hunter and I am outraged. How can something like this happen?

Pawel Proszak,