Rally Against the Carbon Tax promoted ongoing fight for oil industry

To the Editor:
The Regina Rally Against the Carbon Tax was a great success on April 4th.
Pegged as what could be the world’s largest truck convoy, individuals and businesses alike set out to let our current federal government know that we do not stand for the carbon tax and that we continue to support Scott Moe and the provincial government in their fight against it.
This tax continues to be an economic burden for the industries that have grown and supported ALL of Canada for many years. The fallacies associated with it, such as the tax being revenue neutral and the environmental gains, are of great concern to many people. There are many initiatives in our province of Saskatchewan through the Prairie Resilience Plan and our strategy to tackle climate change, none of which include a carbon tax.
Instead it was developed alongside industry in a sustainable and realistic way.
The industries that will be impacted the most by the carbon tax are already in a state of economic uncertainty and vulnerability as a result of the current federal government and their policy decisions.
A large amount of work still needs to be done in order to defeat the government’s decision to implement this terrible tax, but as premier Scott Moe put it that day – an even bigger convoy is growing.
Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick and now Alberta will all challenge the constitutional viability of this tax.
The blue wave that is currently sweeping across our country should speak clear enough to Mr. Trudeau and show him that he is losing support for his plan to tackle climate change. I would like to say thank you to all of the rally organizers, volunteers, sponsors and participants. It was an amazing day to spend with all of you.
Doug Brownridge, Arcola

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