Reader commends Weyburn police for bike program

To the Editor:

To the Weyburn city police, thank you for your bicycle safety programs at the schools and on the street.

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My five and seven-year-old grandsons and I were out riding, and we were stopped by a police officer.

She engaged my grandchildren in a very positive two-way conversation, congratulating them for riding skills, and following the rules, and being safe wearing helmets.

She gave them each a free sticker tattoo and a Co-op gift card for some treats after our ride.

In returning home, they excitedly relayed their experience with their parents, who I am sure shared it with others as well.

Thanks to Const. Melinda Mintenko and the Co-op for making a memorable experience for the boys (and me). The next day they wanted to go look for her again!

Mal Barber, Weyburn