Reader pays tribute to a longtime friend

To the Editor:

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Rose Schultz. Rose has been a valued friend since 1956.

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We met under unusual circumstances. I had begun work at the Weyburn Mental Hospital as a greenhorn aide, and was booked on the admission ward. Rose was in charge of the ward the night we admitted a patient on street drugs.

Such drugs were still rather rare in 1956, and when the doctor decided to take her off “cold turkey”, we were faced with a very unpredictable night.

That was a challenge for a greenhorn like me, but Rose made me feel capable. She was so concerned, so aware, and so good at explaining what was needed.

I’ve never forgotten how secure she made me feel in such an iffy situation. That was the start of a lifelong friendship.

For nearly 70 years, Rose would always be there, one who shared unique experiences, one who could be counted on no matter how unpredictable the situation.

The bond of mutual trust and enjoyment forged beside that mattress on the floor so long ago was always there. I will certainly miss Rose.

Kay Parley, Saskatoon

P.S. Why on the floor? So we would have her constantly in view and not be disturbing the patients in the dormitory. That’s what psych nursing was all about: the unpredictable.