Reader questions promises, integrity of parties

To the Editor:

Reading the Oct. 7, 2020 edition of the Weyburn Review, I’m struck with two comments. The headline, ‘Sask Party, NDP aim for balanced budgets’, we’ve heard this promise before from the parties.

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The SaskParty promised before to balance the budget. They did not differ from the NDP, they did so by raising taxes just as the NDP promise to do once again. Raising taxes will not stimulate the economy; lowering taxes and shrinking government will.

In the article ‘Prov’l election to focus on issue of trust: Duncan’ a comment caused me to laugh. Duncan speaks of trust and integrity, “… who voters trust to lead Saskatchewan in economic recovery coming out of the pandemic.”

How can voters trust a party that collapsed an economy faster in three months than what the Marxist NDP managed in 50 years?

Duncan’s words are a sure sign of political misdirection, manipulation and lies. I wonder where the party’s integrity stood when they deemed small business as non-essential?

Was it integrity when it was okay to protest but not attend church?

Was it integrity when health care practitioners and education were deemed non-essential?

Was it integrity when government deemed our goals, our dreams non-essential?

Was it integrity when government claimed we were in a pandemic and released statistics with questionable numbers?

Was it trust and integrity when this government reacted to this questionable pandemic by implementing Fascist policy? Integrity and trust are critical thinking, thinking outside the box. It is not having a populace live in fear from a dubious pandemic.

Randy Schiller