Recipient of pie in the face grateful for support

To the Editor:

A couple of weeks ago, I participated on behalf of the RM of Weyburn in the “Pie in the Face” Weyburn Credit Union fundraiser for the Wor-Kin Shop.

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The fundraiser was to raise enough money for a new bus to take it over the top. I am pleased that the goal was achieved.

I would like to congratulate the other six contestants for participating. The objective was that whoever raised the most funds would receive the pie in the face. I would also like to say thanks to all those friends and family from the City of Weyburn for dropping their dollars in my jar.

But a special thanks goes to the RM of Weyburn, who donated on behalf of the residents of the RM, and a special thanks to the RM of Brokenshell who donated $1 per capita to the cause, and also the RM of Wellington for making a considerable donation.

The Wor-Kin Shop may be in the city of Weyburn, but the rural folks always have been aware of those less fortunate than themselves.

In closing, a warm congratulations to the Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop, who will soon be driving their new bus. They serve a very special need in our community.

Ron Fellner, RM of Weyburn