Residents urged to support rally against carbon tax

Letter to the Editor:

It is with deep concern that I write this letter today as Canada finds itself in a dismal state of political and economic disarray. This climate has been fostered by our current Government`s domestic financial policy, regimental forms of taxation and the added Carbon Tax, which has had unproven benefits to the betterment of the world.

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We are all aware that this is only the introduction of the Carbon Tax and in order for it to be effective, drastic increases to the tax would have to occur. This could lead to many unintended consequence including but not limited to the devastation of the Canadian economy and the standard of living we have enjoyed.

There is much proof that this Government does not have the best mind of Canada in their decision-making. The economy of Western Canada is currently suffering from the retaliatory actions imposed by India and China by stopping the exports of our commodities (lentils and canola), which are the very basis of a producer’s paycheque.   

The steel and aluminum tariffs inflicted by our great friend, neighbor, and trading partner to the south further cripple our economy. These pale in comparison to the discount imposed on our captive Canadian oil production.

Western Canada needs its grain markets and pipelines. It does not need a carbon tax.

Come to Regina April 4th, 2019 and rally against the tax and show the Government that we do not stand for this. 

Doug Brownridge, Arcola, Sask.