Weyburn Farmer’s Market sets record straight

To the Editor:

The Weyburn Farmers Market has relocated to No. 42, Third Street, north of Pharmasave.

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All market vendors will once again be ready to do business. The market board apologizes for the inconvenience to vendors, customers and to the community for the delay while relocating.

Certain practices perpetrated upon the Weyburn Farmers Market led to severe conflicts with the mall management and the new market.

Unfortunately, certain persons worked very hard to create the eviction of the Weyburn Farmers Market from the mall, terminating more than 20 years of service to Weyburn and surrounding communities.

We would like to address all rumours as being untrue and nothing more than glorified gossip.

We would like to say thank you to all who reached out from our community to help us relocate to a new place, namely Kim Van Staveren. Also thanks to All Secure Storage for storing at no cost, namely Brent Latamer.

And lastly, thanks to everyone who worked diligently to set up for business, including our president, market manager, board members and friends who hauled the last load to No. 42, Third Street.

Yvonne Paulhus-Kittelson,

On behalf of the Weyburn Farmers Market and board of directors