Weyburn long-term care resident unhappy with facility in power outage

To the Editor:

I am a resident of Tatagwa View. I am using this forum to inform residents families of safety issues in this facility revealed by the Jan. 14 power outage.

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The emergency generators failed to start, and the facility remained pitch black for several hours.

During this time, one 90-plus year old lady told me how she groped her hands along the wall in total darkness to get to the bathroom and back to her bed.

I can only imagine how hard guardian angels were working during the darkness in order to prevent falls and broken bones.

The only light source available to the staff in our house during the blackout was a penlight with a beam the size of your thumb.

When the generator started, the light in the display box by our room door provided light for our rooms and hallways.

I believe some sort of battery-powered night-light should be installed in every residents’ bathroom, and decent flashlights be provided in every house.

I am sending a copy of this letter to MLA Dustin Duncan, and Health minister Paul Merriman.

Gloria Vogel, Weyburn