Beavers game called complete after rain delay

Correction to Friday, 19th issue of Weyburn This Week

The Weyburn Beavers started a three-game home series against the Fort McMurray Giants on Tuesday night. The game continued until a thunderstorm hit at the bottom of the eighth. It was decided by the league Wednesday morning that the game was complete and the Giants took the 2-1 win. More details on that game to come. 

After that series is complete, the team will travel to Brooks, Alberta, to face the Bombers. They will play a three-game series against them as well.

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Beforehand, the Weyburn Beavers had a packed schedule heading into the weekend with a two-game home series against the Regina Red Sox on Friday and Saturday, and a doubleheader against the Moose Jaw Miller Express on Sunday. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rains Weyburn experienced on Friday afternoon, the first game against the Red Sox was postponed until July 29th.

With seemingly better weather, the two teams did play on Saturday. By the bottom of the fourth, the Beavers were already down 6-0. Justin Summers finally got his team on the board in the fourth by hitting a triple to right field which allowed Dominic Bravo to score. After returning from a rain delay in the middle of the game, the Red Sox put two more up before Marcus Catalano gave the Beavers another run off of a single to second base hit by Garrett Perez. The game ended in favour of the Red Sox with an 8-2 loss.

Playing each other for the first time this season, the Beavers and Miller Express took the field early Sunday afternoon. In the bottom of the first, after Perez advanced to first due to being hit by a pitch, Bo Justin Martinez stepped up to hit in his first ever Beavers game.

Martinez hit a single to the pitcher, but due to an error made by the pitcher, Martinez took to second while Perez came home. A wild pitch while Jack Barrie was at bat allowed Martinez to score.  Then Barrie hit a sacrifice fly to centre field so that Cory Wills could find home base. In the bottom of the third, with bases fully loaded, Tyler Sandoval hit a single to left field, naturally bringing Barrie home. However, due to an error made by the left fielder, everyone was able to move over one giving James McCallum a chance to round third.

Following right after that, Carson Hauk hit a fly out to centre in order for Bravo to score the sixth and final Beavers run. Between pitchers Sawyer Strickland and Shandon Herrera, the Miller Express weren’t able to make anything out of what they were pitching and the game ended with a final score of 6-0 for the Beavers.

The second game of the day between the two was not as successful. The Miller Express was up by three before Bravo hit a one-man home run in the bottom of the second. Five more Miller Express runs were made before Summers hit a sacrifice fly to a centre fielder to allow Tyler Scott to come home. By the end of the sixth inning, the Miller Express was up 12-2. Three more Beavers runs were put up in the bottom of the final inning, but the Beavers took a stinging 12-5 loss.