Badminton is good fun

Weyburn Badminton Club has been operating for more than 30 years on Friday and Sunday evenings at the Weyburn Comprehensive School gymnasium.

Although attendance numbers have varied from between 12 to 25 people, the club's member core is about 14 people who regularly attend the courts. The club would like to see an increase in numbers for regular attendance.

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"Badminton is Weyburn's best hidden secret," said Rod Finney, long-time member and sports enthusiast.

The Badminton Club's season begins the first Friday after thanksgiving and ends about mid-April, but according to Club president Lawrence Barber, newcomers are welcome at any time during the season. Newcomers can join in using racquets supplied by the club, but experienced players prefer to bring their own racquet.

Birdies are provided as part of the club fee. Fees are $100 for adults, $40 for a student and $140 for a family, which is a bargain to encourage greater numbers and youth involvement.

Seasoned players enjoy opportunities to share their skills with those just learning the sport and students of all ages are welcome to give badminton a try.

For more information contact Lawrence Barber at 842-4452.