Borderline Men’s Fastball League awards for 2020

The league awards for the Borderline Men’s Fastball League were handed out on Thursday evening, after the Weyburn Renegades defeated the Ogema Colts 10-4 in the championship game at Tom Laing Park.

The Renegades gathered for a team photo, and received both the pennant trophy for finishing the season in first place, and for repeating as the league champions for this year’s abbreviated season.

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The Renegades were undefeated in this season, which basically ran for the month of July with six teams. The seventh team, from Plentywood, Mont., was unable to play due to the restrictions at the Canada-U.S. border due to COVID-19.

Team photo

The players are, in the back row, left to right, Drew Fellner, James Houle, Chris Nault, Blair Morken, Boyd Forseth and Justin McDonald.

In the front row from left are Donevan Hextall, Jon Neuberger, Devin Furgason, Kelsey Gerle, Robin Lacoste, Lee Tytlandsvik and Nic Cugnet.

Most sportsmanlike

For the Maverick Duffy trophy for the most sportsmanlike player, Vic Koszman (who donated the trophy to the league) presented it to winner Travis Leonard from Ogema Colts.

League MVP

The MVP of the Borderline League award was presented by Ken Johnson to Boyd Forseth of the Weyburn Renegades.

Storle trophy

The Roger Storle Memorial award for the league’s best pitcher was presented by Roger’s grandchildren to the winner, pitcher Donevan Hextall of Weyburn.