DeLaet feels 'fairly close' to returning to PGA tour

After another month of rehabilitation from his back surgery, golfer Graham DeLaet feels he is getting "fairly close" to when he can return to the Professional Golf Association tour.

"I have been keeping up with my therapy and continuing to get stronger," said DeLaet. He added that his goals for April were to continue strengthening his muscles and body through rehabilitation. "I feel better than I have felt in years."

According to an e-mail from Graham's father Norm DeLaet, as of April 8 Graham was cleared to start chipping and putting. He is waiting further clearance to start full golfing.

Last week, it was reported that another major sponsor was signed to the Ulterra Presents the Graham DeLaet Charity Golf Tournament in support of the Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation Inc. "It sounds like the golfing community and corporate community have really embraced the event and I'm so happy to see that," said DeLaet.

"I look forward to catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones," said DeLaet. The charity golf tournament includes a public breakfast and supper, with Graham on the Weyburn Golf Course to teach a junior golf clinic and take the 10-hole tee shot for teams.

During the junior golf clinics, Graham said, "I always focus on teaching the basics, and things like putting, chipping, making sure you are properly aligned with the ball and target."

His own memories of being a junior golfer at the Weyburn course include "playing golf until dark." DeLaet advanced from junior golfing into the Canadian Golf Tour and then the PGA.

DeLaet is looking forward to driving the tee-shot at the 10th hole for teams. "It's a great opportunity to meet and thank everyone individually for being a part of the event and supporting the Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation."

He also gave some professional tips for golfers taking part in the event. "Have fun and don't take the golf too seriously. Let's all have a great day in support of a terrific Foundation."

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