Drivers take part in ‘Brawl in the Fall’ demo derby

The “Brawl in the Fall” was held on Saturday afternoon, as the Weyburn Ag Society held their second demolition derby of the summer at the exhibition grounds, with 15 cars and three trucks.

There were three qualifying heats, and in the intermission before the final heats, three trucks took to the ring for their first-ever demolition event.

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The winner of the trucks event was Jared Tall of Haywood, Man., and second was Mike Maas of Weyburn. Driver Rex Whitrow was the third driver, but his truck was put out of commission early on.

In the consolation final, the battle came down to two cars, Robert Pickering and Tyler Metheral, driving his son Mac’s car, with Pickering winning first place. Third was won by Dustin Kennedy, who drove Shane Mitchell’s car.

In the feature final, Kevin Dodd won the first place trophy and $1,200 in prize money, with Pat Pequier taking home second with a $500 prize, and Blaise Waddell was third, winning $200.

In the mechanics heat, Jeff Clay won first, driving the Metherals “Monopoly” car, and in the Powder Puff heat, Megan Campbell won, driving Jared Tall’s truck. Jenna Metheral attempted to drive the “Monopoly” car, but the engine blew shortly after the start. This was the 13th heat and fourth demo derby this car had taken part in.

The trophies for this demo derby were all custom-made out of engine parts, like piston heads, spark plugs and drive wheels.

The trophies were made by Mike and Lana Maas, Shawn Whitrow, Craig Davies, Dustin Kennedy, Kevin and Colton Dodd and Tom Eldridge.